In this article, we are concerned with White racial domination as a process that occurs in teacher education and the ways it operates to hinder the preparation of teachers to effectively teach all students. Our purpose is to identify and highlight moments within processes of White racial domination when individuals and groups have and make choices to support rather than to challenge White supremacy. By highlighting and critically examining moments when White racial domination has been instantiated and recreated within our own experiences, we attempt to open up a venue for imagining and re-creating teacher education in ways that are not grounded in and dedicated to perpetuating White supremacy.

Response to this Article

Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner and Vanessa Dodo Seriki, Moving Beyond Seeing with Our Eyes Wide Shut
Gary Weilbacher, Standardization and Whiteness: One and the Same
Christopher Jett, Let’s Produce Culturally Responsive Pedagogues on Deck